Equipment and Parts Sales

Used and new equipment sales

We offer a wide range of used semiconductor equipment including front end, back end and quality assuarance. We also offer new equipment for part of the front-end (WET, ETCH, CVD, CMP, etc.).
We will make flexible proposals according to your budget and required delivery schedule.

Used equipment and parts

Each used equipment is unique and needs best match. What is needed is a certain “connoisseur”. Intertec Sales Corp. will carefully explain the merits and demerits of each equipment, giving top priority to the customer's budget and delivery date. We provide total support for your installation, including inspection arrangements, logistics arrangements, and technical support.

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    Reliable information is available from worldwide networks

    We can obtain live information not only from our own bases such as China, Taiwan, and Malaysia, but also by making full use of our worldwide supply chain.

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    Please feel free to contact us! We have a wide range of technical and logistics support.

    We will arrange reliable technical support by third parties, as such installation, overhaul and modification. As for logistics, not to mention domestic relocation arrangement, our experienced team could offer consultation services related to international trading, as such export complience, export license, triangle shipment, etc.

We have 4 storage locations with a total of 2650m² nationwide. All air-coned, one of them is clean room.

Front end refurbishment and demonstration location is clean room in Kumamoto. Second floor of Kumamoto facility is parts stock room.
The assembly and testing showroom "Used Hub Tokyo" is a 20-minute drive from Haneda Airport. Power on demo available with utilities such as power and air. This facility has export packing capability.

  • We have 4 storage locations with a total of 2650m² nationwide. All air-coned, one of them is clean room.
  • We have 4 storage locations with a total of 2650m² nationwide. All air-coned, one of them is clean room.
  • We have 4 storage locations with a total of 2650m² nationwide. All air-coned, one of them is clean room.

Parts sales

We help to find parts that you're looking for!

Inventory parts

  • OEM genuine unused
  • OEM genuine used
  • Used vacuum pumps
  • Used power supply
  • Used chiller

Imported parts

  • Genuine Novellus Distributor
  • FSI parts (Mercury)
  • Semitool parts (SST/SAT/SRD/LT210/Raider)
  • Canon FPA parts DNS parts (80A/80B/SK200/SK2000)
  • AMAT/Axcelis-Fusion/Varian etc..


  • Novellus parts (C1/GaSonics/CMP)
  • FSI parts (Mercury)
  • Semitool parts (SST/SAT/SRD/LT210/Raider)
  • DNS parts (80A/80BSK200/SK2000)
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Power supply (AC/DC/RF)
  • Servo motors and drivers


  • 海外部品メーカー代理
  • ディスコン商品
  • ネット販売品

For products not listed here, please feel free to inquire.

New equipment

We are acting as authorized distributor of OEM who manufacturers new equipment matches to legacy fab. Please take a look at the equipment that use updated software and hafrware for greater performance and maintainability.

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    RNA Wet Process Equipment

    RENA in Germany is a manufacturer specializing in wet processes, with more than 3,800 units installed worldwide. RENA has a wealth of experience in the semiconductor industry, and have obtained numerous patents for the unique wet etching technology. A wide range of products to meet customers need for R&D to production.

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    Legacy equipment of Novellus, Concept-One and others

    CPS in U.S.A. is a licensed partner of Lam Research that manufacture legacy equipment and parts. For new equipment, the updated version, in which the control system and transport system are all replaced with current technology, is superior in productivity and maintainability.


Wet process

  • Compass
    Compass Spin Rinser Dryer
  • Solano
    Solano Box Cleaner
  • Advancer
    Advancer Semi-Automatic Wet Processor
  • Revolution
    Revolution Semi-Automatic Wet Processor
  • Inception
    Compass Spin Rinser Dryer
  • Semi Processing Platform
    Semi Processing Platform Wet Station

CVD equipment



  • ASHER/GaSonics


  • CMP


Please feel free to contact us any questions related products!
We will contact you shortly.


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