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Solano Box Cleaner

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Solano Box Cleaner
Process CLEAN
Manufacturer RENA

Cleaning of FOUP`s and FOSB`s

Semi-Automated Cleaner

The Solano is a semi-automatic cleaning system, for your support of contamination control on all common types of FOUP ́s and FOSB ́s. An optimized Hot-DIW spray cleaning system supported by the permanent rotation of the carousel achieves best cleaning results. If desired by adding a surfactants (cleaning detergent), optionally. Drying via an fast centrifugal force power and high quality hot air supplying through an integrated HEPA filter-unit. Regular cleaning enables an efficient reduction of particles and metal contamination outside and inside your products.


Areas of Application

 For cleaning and drying of all current types of FOUP ́s and FOSB ́s


• Front side operation

• Swivel arm for inside FOUP cleaning

• Optimized turntable and insert-cage

• PLC controller with 12” colour touch

• Variable data input (temperature,

   time, speed, parameter, etc.)

• HEPA-filtered air inlet from the top

• Fan-unit with adjustable speed

   for standby and process model

• Unbalanced sensor control

   for automatic shut-off


• Easy move-in due to modular design

• Fast installation, hook-up and start-up

• Excellent cleaning & drying performance

• Warm air for drying (HEPA-filtered)

• One operator can handle multiple

   systems simultaneausly

• Easy to load and unload

• Low cost of ownership

Technical Data Solano





Substrates FOUP、FOSB
Capacity Turntable with loading capacity of 12 FOUP`s or FOSB`s per run
Max. Rotation 150 rpm
Housing Material PP-white, with stable stainless steel frame
Tank Material PVDF, booster tank for hot Di-water supply

2,000 mm x 1,850 mm x 2,700 mm (length x width x height)

Housing in 2 parts, reduced move-in height 2,250 mm



Electricity 400 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 24 kW, IN 35 A

Hot water supply 25 l per minute at 60-70 °C

Exhaust 800 m³/h, 500 Pa

CDA 6 bar, N2 3 bar, Noise level ~ 65 dbA


Housing according FM4910

Detergence tank with dosing pump, volume approx. 5 liters

Humidity sensor for drying

Adapter kit for additional parts (cassettes, reticles, etc.)

SECS II GEM Interface

RFID or barcode reading

Second touch panel on the backside for two door system

Ionization unit

External inline-heater 120 kW


Solano Box Cleaner


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