Do you have a such issue?

  • Want to relocate the equipment...
  • Want to scrap the equipment...
  • In-house manpower is insufficient...
  • Want to keep it within the budget...


Want to keep it within the budget.

Relocation in-house

When relocating equipment due to layout changes, no matter how short the distance, it must be properly deinstalled and installed.In addition, sometimes you will be forced to move neiboughfood equipmeent to make move out path.
In order to implement low-cost and short-term construction, we will work with the customer's contractor to meet the demand.

Relocation to other site

Relocating equipment for reuse within the company also entails logistics between factories. We provide total logistics support, not only in Japan but also overseas.
We have a number of experience with relocting equipment.

Decontamination and facility disconnect

Basically, this work is done by the customer. But if there is a request, we can also undertake it, so please contact us.


It may be able to add value to items that are subject to disposal. Please feel free to contact us.

Flow of Relocation & Removal

  • STEP01 Request


    Please use the relocation/removal request form to request the type of work, location, scale, etc. We will contact you shortly.

  • STEP02 On-site inspection/Estimate

    STEP02On-site inspection/Estimate

    We will visit the site and confirm the details of the work. We will then provide a rough estimate.

  • STEP03 Offer


    If you are satisfied with the estimate, we visit the site again for details inspection and arrange the schedule for the work. Workers will be secured at this point.

  • STEP04 Order


    Once we have received your official order, we will begin work.

Request form for relocation & removal

You can use below form to request for relocation and removal. Please check our privacy policy first, fill in the form and push "confirm" button

Relocation/removal information

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required Target equipment/facilites
required Installation location
optional Relocating location
required Implementation schedule
optional Other remarks

Customer information

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required Company name / organization name
required E-mail address

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required Phone number

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