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01Proposing new and used semiconductor equipment according to customer needs

Starting budget application to production lanching, we are always willing to listen to customer's unique requirement and trying to suggest best solution possible.
We understand cost and time saving is key to customer, we will take all the possibilities into consideration.

01 Proposing new and used semiconductor equipment according to customer needs

02We provide refurbished equipment with warranty and support

We specialize in photolithography process equipment.
We are proud of our demo enviroment equipped with coat/develop, CD-SEM, and film thickness measurement tool.
We provide warantty and after service for equipment we refurbished.

02 We provide refurbished equipment with warranty and support

03Total support for front-end to back-end equipment and parts

We provide total support for customers, we cover wafer process, assembly and final testing. Our business unit consists of three segment, front end, back end and parts. Our staff with each business unit's product knowledge will support the entire fab, giving priority to customer needs and convenience above all else.

03 Total support for front-end to back-end equipment and parts

Overseas support is also available with our staff stationed at each Asian region

We have branches and subsidaries in China, Malaysia, and Taiwan. Our multilingual staff are stationed at all times.
With onhand living local knowledge, we are able to provide customer support such as attending on-site inspection, logistic arrangement, and any assistance customer may require.
We are also focusing on developing products originating in Asia.


Equipment and parts

Equipment and parts

Utilizing our past achievements and overseas network, we collect equipment and parts information from all over the world, not only for popular equipments but also for rare equipment with a small production volume.
We strictly screen suppliers and provide accurate information. We also procure and sell parts from overseas according to customer requests. We display and sell our own inventory in contracted warehouses and clean rooms.

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  • New equipment

    New equipment

    As an authorized distributor, we handle new equipment and parts from overseas manufacturers. From delivery to installation to after-sales support, we always try to provide the same support as domestic products.

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  • Refurbished equipment sales

    Refurbished equipment sales

    For refurbished equipment, parts are replaced and overhauled in advance, various performance data are checked and adjusted, and the equipment is sold with a warranty. After confirming performance at pre-shipment inspection, we will ship and install equipment at customer's site. After warranty, on-site periodic maintenance and trouble shooting is available on request.

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  • Assessment


    We would love to hear from you about your surplus equipment and parts. From desk assessment to inspection, dismantling, packing, rigging out, and shipping, we have own team to assess and propose quickly. Purchase assessment is available free of charge, including business trips.

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  • Relocation / Removal

    Relocation / Removal

    It takes a lot of time and money to relocate, dispose and remove the equipment. Based on our knowledge as a engineering oriented trading company, we handle precision equipment speedily and carefully. We also handle import/export arrangements and relocations from/to overseas.

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