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Compass Spin Rinser Dryer

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Compass Spin Rinser Dryer
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Manufacturer RENA

If You Can’tTeach an OldDog New Tricks...Then it’s time to get a new dog!

RENA Technologies North America (RENA NA) has made the modern SRDimportant again and given Process Engineers another tool with real capabilitiesThe spin rinse dryer (SRD) has become neglected as equipment vendors move tooffer the latest and the greatest technologies to fabs around the world. RENA NAhas introduced the COMPASS SRD to change all that. Other SRD manufacturersstopped significant product improvement years ago and this left the door openfor something better to come along. Looking at the key weaknesses of SRD’sRENA NA designed the first new SRD in decades, from the ground up.


Built with RENA NA’s proven IDX software platform which allows processengineers to factory automate the SRD.

Compass Spin Rinser Dryer

Why in the world would RENA NA make a new version of a 30 year old machine?

The answer is simple. In an industry where technology is king, virtuallyevery device maker has an “out of date” SRD somewhere.


Fabs would spend millions of dollars on wafer processing equipment,putting the same wafersinto an SRD, that has likely been refurbished,bought from the lowest bidder.


RENA NA has the better solution, the COMPASS SRD

Raising the Bar Through Innovation & Quality

Nitrogen UseN2

SRDs flow N2 day and night, whether wafers are beingprocessed or not. N2 is used throughout the machine,even for non-process uses. RENA NA uses proprietarydesigns and technology, along with the use of CDA fornon-process functions, to reduce idle time Nitrogen useby 50%. RENA NA also employs a revolutionary seal designthat eliminates the need for nitrogen completely. Thesedevelopments result in the conservation of about 3 millionliters of N2 a year, and an estimated SAVINGS OF $2000PER CHAMBER ANNUALLY*.*Cost savings depends on your cost per liter of N2 gas.


Host Communications

In the Spin Rinse Dryer world, host communications andprocess controls have been neglected. Data logginghas been rudimentary, and recipe control difficult.Programmable temperatures, standard everywhere elsein the industry, have been absent in previous SRD’s. RENANA HAS INTEGRATED ITS ACCLAIMED PROCESS CONTROLSOFTWARE IDX FLEXWARE. It offers multiple recipesupport, better data logging and process control. Thesefeatures along with state of the art host communicationsmake the COMPASS SRD the new standard.


Wafer Damage Protection


Understanding the complex geometry and fragilityof modern wafers was key in designing a better SRD.Vibration is the enemy of everything made inside aSemiconductor fab, so offering a better solution wasmandatory. RENA NA designed a proprietary motorsystem to include active vibration dampening. Consisting of electrical, mechanical and software components itwas designed and tuned to work in harmony providingoptimum performance with minimal vibrations. We alsouse powerful simulation software to design ROTORSTHAT ARE STRONGER, SAFER AND RUN WITH LESSVIBRATION than anything else on the market.


SRD Roadmap Looks Even Brighter


RENA NA isn’t satisfied with just developing an SRD better than the competition, we have a couple more tricks upour sleeve. We want to design the best possible SRD wecan. These features ensure the COMPASS SRD will be theCLEANEST, SAFEST & MOST EFFICIENT SRD possible andkeep it in the manufacturing line of the most advancedfabs in the world. INDEFINITELY.




• Host Communcations

• Light tower

• Auto door

• Humidity sensor

• Chemical inject

• Carrier designs

• Facilities boxes for DI Water an N2

Features and benefits

• Lower Operating Costs

• Improved Performance

• Advanced Process Control &Monitoring

• Significant N2 Savings

• Improved Low Particle Performance

• Readily available components

• Intuitive Graphical UserInterface



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